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What Is A 3 Stage Paint Correction?

The three stage paint correction process has been tried and tested to eradicate flaws from painted surfaces on vehicles. The three methods make it possible to quickly and completely remove faults while preventing hologramming or machine induced swirl markings. The three phases allude to three different paint machine polishing procedures. Preparation or absolute protection are not included in these three stages. This is what sets this three stage paint repair process apart as authentic. . Let’s find out more, with Evolution Customs!

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Getting ready for paint correction

Before making any paint corrections, the paint must be thoroughly cleaned. If pollutants are left behind after buffing, swirl marks could develop. Remove loose dirt or debris from the paint with chemicals and a foam cannon. We then carefully wash our hands twice in two buckets. The vehicle is then dried with a premium microfiber towel after being washed with compressed air. Depending on the pollution level, we then choose the appropriate clay bar grade.

Any leftover paint impurities are eliminated during the preparation stage using clay bars. Following a touchless rewash, the car is then rinsed and dried. Next, we use masking tape to secure delicate components, like trim and emblems. The car’s paint is now prepared for evaluation and machine correction

The steps in 3 stage paint correction

Step 1: Eliminate serious flaws

This is the initial stage of the natural paint correction procedure at Evolution Customs. We’ll use either a rotary polisher or dual action polisher, depending on the faults’ severity. Rotating equipment eliminates severe flaws such as deep scratches and swirl patterns. Use a dual action polisher to eliminate minor to moderate defects. A thick cut foam or wool pad is often paired with each machine. In this phase, we usually use a heavy cut compound.

Step 2: Painting refinement

This stage aims to make the paint as close to optimal as possible. If this stage is done correctly, the next step will be more straightforward. This phase usually involves using a dual action polisher with a medium cut pad and compound or polish. We focus on one panel at a time to ensure the best choice of location and combination. After the test part yields the desired results, we adjust the remaining panels. During this process, we rewash the automobile if it starts to get dirty.

Step 3: Complete polishing

In the final step of paint correction, the paint is polished. By doing this, the paint will sparkle and become more shiney. We use a finishing foam pad with a fine polish and a dual action polisher while working on one panel at a time. We checked the paint after the final polish to ensure no polishing residue was left behind.

best paint correction at Evolution Customs in Denver CO

Why should you get your paint corrected?

  • It changes the paint’s life span. Minor paint scratches gradually erode the paint by accumulating water, chemicals, dirt, and contaminants over time. This may result in corrosion and rusting, which can be expensive to fix. These minor imperfections are removed and safeguarded by paint correction.
  • It makes your car appear shiny and new! With paint correction, the clear coat is restored. Polishing will restore the paint’s glistening, moist shine. Your car will look years younger thanks to newer, brighter, and more vibrant paint.
  • Restoration of exterior vinyl and embellishments. The restored gloss of the paint is the key benefit. However, revitalizing external accents and portions is a side effect. The wheels, tires, vinyl and rubber accents are restored using specialized products.

Where should you get a paint correction service?

With their extensive training, Evolution Customs‘ detailers can ensure that your paintwork is leveled to a showroom shine for the best possible paint correction. Our fully trained staff will serve all your car detailing needs! Call us at 720-512-8387 or come to see us at 16415 E 117th Ave Commerce City, CO 80022 in the United States.