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Paint Correction at Evolution Customs in Denver, CO
Keep your car’s shine as good as new.

No matter how well kept your vehicle is, it will surely experience wear and tear over time. Things like the emergence of scratches, swirl marks or stone dents on the paint surface can damage your car’s appearance and value. Paint correction is the best way to eliminate such flaws on your car’s paintwork.

a nice black paint corrected car parking on the path under the wonderful sunset after getting car detailing

What exactly is paint correction?

Paint correction uses a variety of techniques to remove 90% of the imperfections on your car’s paintwork. Paint correction can help with a variety of issues such as water spots, swirls, fine scratches, and buffer holograms. The condition, age, and quality of the paint will determine which processes need to be carried out on your vehicle. Paint correction is usually a 6-12 hour job. It involves using polishing machines of different sizes, compounds, polishing agents and different polishing pads.

Is it a good idea to invest in paint correction?

Paint correction brings many benefits to us which are as follows:

Limit minor scratches.

Paint correction may be used to remove minor scratches and swirl marks from your car. The paint will regain its shiny, new appearance after polishing. Your vehicle will appear fresher and more vibrant.

Give a shiny appearance.

Paint correction will not only remove scratches, but a paint correction service can also restore your car’s clear coat, giving your vehicle that perfect shine. It brings your car a glossy, showroom fresh look.

Raise vehicle’s value.

When you get paint correction service, it’s like putting on a new coat of paint on your car. Your vehicle will look better. Furthermore, paint correction will extend the life of your paintwork, giving you the best chance of obtaining the most value out of your automobile when the time does come to sell.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete a paint correction service ?

How long a paint correction service takes is determined by a variety of factors, including the current state of your paint. Minor paint restorations can usually be completed in 2 days or less; however, more severe fixes for extensively aged and faded paint can take 6-7 days. Furthermore, the polishing, refining, and finishing processes might take up to 30 hours.

What elements influence the paint correction procedure ?

To achieve the best results from paint correction, clean the whole surface with chemicals such as asphalt and paint dust remover before applying polishing compounds. It is possible to fix up to 90% of the vehicle’s paint surface faults using a paint correction procedure. Several elements influence the success of the paint correction service, including personnel skill, temperature, and the amount of light in the chamber used to calibrate the automotive paint.

When should you get your paint corrected ?

According to experts, paint correction should be applied every 12 months to preserve a car’s paint and color. Periodic paint correction enhances the look of the car’s paint and removes defects that affect the paint, increasing the lifespan. Furthermore, if your car has many scratches, you should bring it in to get the paint changed to remove the scratches and restore the vehicle’s original appearance.

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