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How long does it take to detail your car?

Detailing a car entails washing and polishing the vehicle’s exterior. The interior of the vehicle is also cleaned, waxed, and vacuumed. Detailers also use paint correction equipment like clay bars or tar remover to remove scratches from paint jobs. But how long does car detailing take? Evolution Customs provides the answer in the article below.

cleaning the window softly by hand is a part of exterior detailing process at Evolution Customs in Denver Colorado

What is car detailing, and what does it entail?

Car detailing, as previously stated, is the process of washing and polishing a vehicle’s exterior and interior. Interior vacuuming, carpet and upholstery shampooing, and window cleaning are usually included.

Interior Detailing

When detailing your car, auto detailers will follow a few simple steps. To begin, a detailer will vacuum the interior. They’ll go over every nook and cranny, paying particular attention to the seats and carpets. The carpets and furniture will next be shampooed. They usually do this by combining a little shampoo with water in a spray bottle, spraying it on the carpets and upholstery, and soaking it in for a few minutes. The windows will be cleaned last. High-quality glass cleaners or a vinegar-water mixture can be used for this.

Exterior Detailing

After the interior has been thoroughly cleaned, the detailer will proceed to the exterior. Car washes are generally done with a soft cloth or brush and car wash soap to minimize paint harm. After rinsing away the soapy suds, the automobile will be dried with a chamois or soft cloth. A skilled detailer will apply a wax sealer to preserve the paintwork from scratches and UV damage.

How long does it take? 

Several elements influence the length of time it takes to detail a car. The length of the process is determined by the size of the vehicle, its condition, and the type of detailing.

However, car detailing might take anything from 6 hours to a whole day, depending on the above criteria. The quantity of detail required is usually determined by how dirty the car is when it is first treated.

how long does black car get mobile detailed at Evolution Customs in Denver Colorado

How much does auto detailing cost?

Several factors influence the answer to this question. The cost of automobile detailing is dependent on the package and services you select, as well as the condition and size of your vehicle and your location.

While most vehicle detailers have set pricing for their packages, you may want to purchase other services that may increase the price.

Package availability and pricing options may differ whether you’re using a mobile, on-demand service or making an appointment at a regular brick and mortar location.

Where should you choose for your car detailing service? 

Depending on how much dirt is on your vehicle’s inside and how detailed you want the service to be, the automobile detailing process can take a few hours to a day or more.

Suppose you opt for a full-service detail package. In that case, you should spend a significant amount of time with a professional cleaning business like Evolution Customs, who will clean your vehicle’s interior and remove surface stains before polishing agents restore the car’s luster. 

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