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How do you remove the ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is an effective way to protect your car. These coatings are highly durable and provide excellent protection for the car’s surface. Many producers claim that these coatings last for more than 7 years, although the reality is, they usually last between 3-5 years. After their lifespan has expired, the ceramic coatings must be removed so that the car’s surface can be prepared for a new application. The old layer of ceramic coating on the vehicle should be removed before installing a fresh one. If the old layer of ceramic coating is not carefully removed, it might harm the car’s surface, making it difficult for the new coating to be properly applied.

How do you remove the ceramic coating Evolution Customs in Denver Colorado

Why would you need to remove the ceramic coating on your car?

In what situations is it necessary to remove the ceramic coating on your car? This could be required in a variety of situations:

Bodywork: Your car has been dented, scraped, or damaged somehow, most likely as a result of an accident, and you must reapply the paint and ceramic coating to the damaged area.

Wrong application: You applied a new ceramic coat recently, but you made a mistake, resulting in a rough, unclean coat. Unfortunately, you’ll have to scrape off the old coat and start again.

Worn out: Ceramic coatings wear down over time. After about five years, even high grade coatings lose their sheen, smoothness, and protective characteristics. You must first remove the previous coat before applying a new one.

Ways to remove ceramic coating

There are three tried and tested methods for getting rid of an old ceramic coat. Consult your car’s manual or contact the manufacturer before making a decision. Ask them how the coating should be removed, and then choose that option. Because different coatings and paints react differently to removing solutions, it’s best to verify first. Try it on a small area first, not in the middle of the hood!

The approaches we recommend are as follows.

Chemical decontamination

One of the most efficient methods for removing ceramic coating is to use chemicals. Although ceramic coatings are resistant to some solvents, applying alkaline compounds reduces their strength significantly. The chemical qualities of the substance are sufficient to remove the ceramic layer. It’s powerful enough to get rid of the paint underneath.

close up applying protective nanoceramics car on the surface at Evolution Customs in Denver Colorado


Even if claying is minimal, it has an effect on the coating. Clay is an adhesive compound used to remove chemicals from the paint’s outer surface. Because it is abrasive, impurities are removed when the clay bar is burnished through the surface. Because the clay is sticky, contaminants attach to the rod. On the other hand, claying has its drawbacks. The most notable is that it does not remove iron pollution.


The most common and extensively utilized procedure for removing the coating from a vehicle is polishing. This is necessary for cleaning and prepping the outside of the car for the new ceramic coating.

Use a coarse polish to remove water spots, swirls, scratches, and surface dirt beneath the surface to obtain a high gloss, smooth looking finish.

Ceramic Coating at Evolution Customs

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