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How Can You Make Your Car Interior Look New?

You must know about interior detailing if you want your automobile’s interior to continue to look brand new. To maintain your car’s interior in the best possible condition, follow these steps for cleaning and protecting it. In this post, Evolution Customs will walk you through a methodical process for maintaining your car’s interior and making it seem as if it has never been driven. So, let’s begin!

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How to make the interior of your car look new

Remove all the trash.

The large trash objects that the vacuum cleaner won’t gather should be placed in a plastic grocery bag. Throw out everything you can think of, including the trash mail you left between the front seats and the empty bag of fries from the back seat. Move the seats forward, look underneath them, and take the floor mats out to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Wipe the dashboard clean.

Use a wet washcloth or paper towel instead. Some individuals use wet wipes made especially for car interior detailing, which are also effective. Take away any small items that may have rolled up against the windshield or been left on the dashboard and forgotten.

Clean the buttons and vents.

Use a clean paintbrush or a cheap foam brush from a craft store to dust in between the AC vents. If you place the vacuum hose against the vent, any debris or dust will be vacuumed rather than landing somewhere else in the vehicle. With the brush, thoroughly clean each button along the dash’s face. Use a moist cloth to clean up flat surfaces, the steering wheel, and the column. Remember also to clean the cup holders.

Tidy up the seats.

With a moist cloth, clean any vinyl or leather components of your seats. Be gentle to prevent tearing the fabric. The vinyl may need to be scrubbed with an old toothbrush. The bristles may remove any filth that has become wedged in the vinyl surface’s texture.

Clean up the dash.

Once all the dirt has been removed, use olive oil to condition and polish the hard plastic on your dashboard, seats, and cup holders. A small amount should be applied on a paper towel or soft washcloth before gently rubbing in tiny circular motions. Test a hidden section of your dash first if you’re cleaning something that isn’t made of hard plastic to ensure the olive oil won’t tarnish or stain it. Your dash will be cleaned and made shiny with odorless, non-toxic olive oil.

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Verify the cleanliness of the air filter.

To find out if and how to remove your air filter, consult your owner’s manual. Depending on its condition, remove it and clean it or replace it. Make sure to put it back. Some places sell aroma air filter sheets that can be placed against the filter to provide a clean scent. If you don’t choose one made for automobiles, the smell could be overpowering in the cramped interior of your car.

Upholstery cleaning

To remove the crumbs and debris from the upholstery. If you bring your dog along, you might discover that not all of the pet hair is captured by the vacuum. Conversely, rubber gloves—a squeegee, a clean rubber flip-flop, or any rubber material—are an easy way to gather all the hair. Wearing a rubber glove, pull along the fabric’s edges, back, and seat. Hair will stick to the rubber and come out rapidly. Remove any embedded dirt or stains with a white washcloth or toothbrush and a fabric cleaner spray.

The floor mats with spray.

Use a fabric cleaner or stain remover for deeply embedded dirt; wash the affected items in most cases. Spread them out flat in the sun to dry. You shouldn’t use a dryer. The rubber backing will not function with home dryers. When they’re dry, please put them back where they belong on the car floor.

Where should you go to get your car’s interior detailed?

Making the interior detailing of your car appear new requires much work. Even though you can do it yourself, car detailing is an attractive option if you want a more seamless transition from an aged appearance to a previously new and shiny image. Our detailers’ experience helps resolve numerous problems. People regularly use the wrong items on their own, damaging interior components or making the inside of the car smell bad. Your car’s inside will seem as brand new as the day you got it since every aspect of the clean is meticulously handled from the ground up. What are you waiting for? Call Evolution Customs at 720-512-8387 to schedule an appointment. Our address is 16415 E 117th Ave, Commerce City, Colorado 80022, USA.