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Does Paint Correction Fix A Clear Coat?

Your automobile is constantly exposed to substances that might harm the paint, such as UV radiation, road debris, and stones. When your car’s paintwork is corrected, any flaws are eliminated, leaving it as shiny as the day you took it home from the dealer! How vital is paint correction, however? Can the clear coat be removed? Discover the answers by reading this article with Evolution Customs!

paint correction makes your car in best condition at Evolution Customs in Denver CO

What does the word “paint correction” mean?

Paint correction reduces or corrects paint imperfections by applying simple techniques like polishing and machine refinishing. Minor faults in paint layers include scratches, scrapes, and acid corrosion. The goal of paint surface repair is to fix flaws on a vehicle’s paint surface while preserving the integrity of the original paint.

Why is paint correction necessary?

Reduces minor scratches.

Water, chemicals, dust, and pollutants erode your car’s paintwork over time. Among other expensive issues, water may cause rust and corrosion. A paint correction service will take care of removing minor scratches and making your car look in good condition.

It makes your car sparkle.

Restoring your car’s clear coat is the aim of paint correction. Like human skin, a car’s top layer of paint is the most noticeable and the first to sustain damage. Therefore, the initial shine and luster are probably long gone, and you’ll need the proper treatment to restore them. Your car will be given a makeover to return its original appearance and shine like never before.

It increases the lifespan of your paint.

Your car’s paint will get damaged no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Even the smallest swirls and scratches stand out and can be pretty annoying. Then there is the oxidation, which exposes the coat and opens it to further catastrophic harm. The accumulation of water, chemicals, dirt, and contaminants over time has a little positive effect on the paintwork. These chemicals combine and build up over time, resulting in corrosion and rusting, which are expensive to repair. With the help of paint correction, these wounds are swiftly cured, giving you that new vehicle look once again.

paint correction makes your car in best condition at Evolution Customs in Denver CO

Does paint correction remove the clear coat?

The answer is yes. The polishing process uses a granular substance called a cutting compound. An electric polisher evenly distributes the polish liquid or paste over the painted surface of the car, creating friction that cuts through the translucent layer. There are many different grit levels of polishers; some only finely fix scratches while others remove the transparent layer till the scratch is gone.

How does the paint correction process work?

The initial stage of paint restoration entails a car foam wash, a high-pressure spray, and a clay bar treatment. This assists in removing contaminants, grit, and grime from the car’s paint job. The paint is then cut after that. The exterior of the vehicle needs to be treated with an abrasive material. The flexible cutting agents help remove scratches from the clear coat. The newly formed surface is polished and sealed once the damage has been repaired. It safeguards the car’s paint and maintains the high gloss luster!

Where should you get a paint correction service?

For expert paint correction services, Evolution Customs is your best choice! Our knowledgeable team is committed to providing the best customer service possible. Your car will look brand new again when we’re finished. 

Make an appointment by calling 720-512-8387! You can find us at 116415 E 117th Ave Commerce City, CO 80022 United States